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Design help for people development professionals and training businesses

I want design help for my programmes, courses and workshopsI want design help for myself and my training business

Hi. I’m John.

I help trainers and training businesses stand out from the crowd.

For your programmes, courses and workshops


The design of documents, workbooks and handouts that, as well as being sharp and pleasing to the eye, are effective in helping you get your messages across and your course, workshop or programme participants better engaged in the learning process


Using and building upon the content you provide, develop visually appealing PowerPoint slide presentations to keep your audience engaged for longer, aligned to the messages you seek to deliver and are effective in aiding understanding and learning


Assist you in designing and creating a variety of smaller- or larger-sized materials – such as A5 cards or A0-1-2 wall boards and posters – which are used to present or illustrate ideas, concepts or to add visual interest and reference to your course, workshop or programme

For you and your training business


Whether you’re just starting out or looking to shift gears and take things to the next level, I can help you clearly and professionally communicate who you are and what value you offer and so greatly improve the chances you’ll get noticed and get hired


Winning new customers and projects is a lot easier and less time-consuming if your pitches, proposals and presentations are designed to be coherent, consistent and compelling; it’s time to stop thinking of them as a leap of faith and more a way to stand out from the crowd


Let’s get started on building that library of re-usable training and admin assets you’ve so often thought about; a stock of quality items to call upon means more time for writing and delivering your training as well as increasing your sales and marketing efforts

What people have said

“I would highly recommend him to any trainer or coach looking for help in developing their own brand, marketing and training materials, or in need of IT support.”

Shona RowanIn-house business support

“I was very happy to have you on board as a member of the team. What’s more, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to learn that all of our work went down very well.”

MEDAfor Nissan

“I really can’t thank you enough for the volume and quality of work you’ve done and well into the weekend. A very big thank you with knobs on!”

Feedback Europefor Porsche

“Whether you have a really important presentation to do, workshop to run or proposal to get out he’ll get the job done, no matter what it takes.”

Ron Oorton LinkedIn

“John is a detail conscious, fastidious professional. A must in his line of work where accuracy is (almost) heart surgeon important.”

Jim Harveyon LinkedIn

“You’ve been able to take our logo as a starting point and successfully develop a consistent look and feel from that alone…”

Words on WheelsIn-house business support

John Pawlenko

With 10+ years experience of working with trainers and training businesses, facilitators and coaches, my focus is on producing visually appealing documents, materials and slides that help them better engage with their audience and target clients.

What’s on your mind today?

Perhaps you need some help in designing themed course materials, developing documents and handouts for a workshop or need a hand in designing a pitch, presentation or proposal for a prospective new client.

Whatever the case, I’d love to help. Call, email or use the contact form to get in touch.

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