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Practical, impactful and cost-effective design solutions for trainers and training businesses wanting to stand out from the crowd

You’ve spent a couple of weeks cranking-out and then fine-tuning the content of your latest training course. What handouts, worksheets and workbook pages to include are decided, timings for the day penned in, and the overall structure of the slide deck is looking good. In fact, it’s all coming together rather nicely. Great stuff.

You’re a little anxious from a visual design point of view though, as your efforts are in danger of not cutting the mustard with the client and fail to engage course participants totally. As a ‘non-designer’, once more, there’s a nagging concern about how much time you can spend making your great, written content look visually appealing and do it the justice it deserves on the page and on the slide.

Sure, as has happened many times before, you’ve been given one or two templates to work with by your client, but it’s a struggle to get your head around – let alone work with – what they’ve provided. And even when you can, it’s all just so time-consuming. (Square pegs into round holes, anyone?)

Print deadlines are looming and you’ve already started writing a 2-day workshop for another project you are expected to deliver in-person and which is due to run within a few days of the end of the course you’re currently finalising. Phew. It’s all getting a bit crazy-busy… leaving aside the fact you have a new business proposal to submit within the week. Eek!

Compounding these issues, you’re also painfully aware of the need to produce, design and communicate your ideas, messaging and content clearly and consistently AND to ‘look the part’ from the get-go when you do. You know from experience that there’s rarely a second chance to change that first impression, whether it’s formed by a course attendee or new prospect. (Grr.)

And that’s where I come in.

I help people who write or deliver training courses and workshops get remembered – and often called upon again – for the visually appealing and consistent design qualities of their facilitation materials, documents and slides. I also support training businesses in their sales and marketing efforts to get noticed and get hired by prospects they’ve targeted.

I’ve been working with trainers, facilitators, coaches, training businesses and agencies for a while now. In fact, it’s been 10+ years and counting…

They’ve ranged from people who’ve left the relative safety of a corporate training department to go it alone; people who’ve challenged themselves to win training projects with larger businesses; and businesses and agencies – both big and small – that needed help to produce training documents, facilitation materials and slides for their training projects. I’ve also been hired to run workshops to highlight, share and demonstrate basic design principles to ‘non-designer’ designers.

It always cheers me to hear about what a difference I’ve made to their efforts of informing and educating their training participants, differentiating their work and services from others through the application of attractive and consistent document and slide design, and the success they’ve had in persuading clients to do business with them. Happy delegates and happy customers – hurrah!

I don’t claim to have all the answers when it comes to ‘best training design’ or ‘how best to win a lorryload of new business’. What I can do is work with you to bring the best out of your training-related content and materials from a visual point of view, directly boosting your credibility and reputation, and vitalise your own sales and marketing efforts to increase the odds that you get noticed and get hired. Ready to get started?

Download a 17-point design checklist for non-designer trainers and facilitators

Been asked to design training programme documents from scratch? Revamp slides for an upcoming workshop? Feeling unsure about how to go about it and tick all the right design boxes?

Take your own training document and slide designs to the next level today by using this free design checklist to help identify what you have done well and what you still need to work on and fix.