There’s no sure-fire way of winning new business; there are, however, several things you can do to increase the odds that your hard work pays off and your presentations and proposals are viewed favourably, get answered and get approved


Whether you’re just starting out or looking to shift gears and take things to the next level, I can help you clearly and professionally communicate who you are and what value you offer and so greatly improve the chances you’ll get noticed and get hired.

Attractively-designed sales and marketing materials help you to reach higher goals, such as:

  • Widening your client base, with the specific intention of ‘increasing feast and reducing famine’
  • Establishing your own personal brand and becoming a ‘go-to’ for training services
  • Demonstrating the added-value you can provide through your own training programme, course or workshop

Personal CV for associate trainer work · Flyers for your own programme, course or workshop · Customer case studies · Business or services flyer · Help with setting up social media platforms and WordPress for your blogging effort · Business cards · Letterhead · Email signatures …


Winning new customers and projects is a lot easier and less time-consuming if your pitches, proposals and presentations are designed to be coherent, consistent and compelling; it’s time to stop thinking of them as a leap of faith and more a way to stand out from the crowd.

Enhance credibility in the eyes of your prospect by:

  • Clearly focusing, describing and demonstrating your unique offer, solutions and skill set
  • Keeping your pitches short and to the point, designing presentations that bring your ideas and messages to life and presenting proposals which are well-formatted and support your personal or business brand
  • Only submitting professional-looking documents and presenting with well-formatted slides designed to reflect your commitment to winning the trust and business of the prospect

Pitch documents and slide decks · Presentation documents and slide decks · Proposal documents and slide decks …


Let’s get started on building that library of re-usable training and admin assets you’ve so often thought about; a stock of quality items to call upon means more time for writing and delivering your training as well as increasing your sales and marketing efforts.

Win back more time in your week and stop reinventing wheels with:

  • Training assets and internal admin materials which you can use time and again
  • Documents and slides which you only need to customise or tweak to rebrand
  • Items that only need your training or training business content to be added

Business financials presentation · Terms & Conditions of Business · White label templates for workbooks, worksheets, evaluation and feedback forms, session plans, proposals, subject-topic or concept slides, certificates, facilitation notes …