I help trainers, facilitators and coaches build upon and strengthen the foundations of their training content by designing visually appealing documents, slides and support materials that help them better engage with their audience


The design of documents, workbooks and handouts that, as well as being sharp and pleasing to the eye, are effective in helping you get your messages across and your course, workshop or programme participants better engaged in the learning process.

Visually appealing documents and materials help you to:

  • Enhance and boost interest in your training content
  • Promote effective delivery of your ideas and messages
  • Drive participant engagement in the learning process to a higher level

Delegate workbooks · Product launch guides · Case study examples · Information handouts · eBooks & eGuides · Feedback and evaluation forms · Instruction sheets · Pre-course work briefs · Questionnaires · Certificates · Train-The-Trainer kits · Worksheets · Role-play descriptions …


Using and building upon the content you provide, develop visually appealing PowerPoint slide presentations to keep your audience engaged for longer, aligned to the messages you seek to deliver and are effective in aiding understanding and learning.

A well-organised and polished deck of easy-on-the-eye training slides will help you to:

  • Communicate your messages, concepts and content with clarity
  • Keep your participants engaged in the learning process
  • Extend the attentiveness of your audience for a longer period

Addition of video, transition and animation · Formatting and tidy-up · Made-to-measure presentations · Reworking or reformatting of existing slide decks · Slide resizing · Insertion of images and graphics · Master slide templates · Compliance with the PowerPoint master slide scheme and branding of your corporate client …


Assist you in designing and creating a variety of smaller- or larger-sized materials – such as A5 cards or A0-1-2 wall boards and posters – which are used to present or illustrate ideas, concepts or to add visual interest and reference to your course, workshop or programme.

A range of training and facilitation support items which will help bring your subject matter and topics to life in order to:

  • Inspire the creativity of your delegates
  • Keep individuals and teams focused and engaged
  • Get everyone motivated, challenged and participating

Display boards and posters · Table names and cards · Quiz cards · Labels · Product data cards · Name tag cards · Competitor, market or industry information cards · Flash memory cards · Memory match cards · Team competition table boards · Storyboard backdrops …